Donations & Sponsorship


Trees on the Land is working to leave a living legacy of tree cover and woodland for future generations.  The project relies on donations from the public, sponsorship from local businesses and contributions from landowners to buy and distribute trees across Ireland and Northern Ireland.  

€1 / £1 covers the cost of planting at least one tree.  Donations and sponsorship funds are used for the following:

  • Purchasing trees: We buy a large number and variety of trees each season for our planting projects.

  • Distribution & planting of trees: Our trees are planted across the 32 counties of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We distribute trees during the winter for planting in February each year.

  • Monitoring of trees & re-stocking: We monitor trees until they are five years old to ensure successful establishment. Any sites with significant failures are supplied with additional trees for re-stocking as needed.

  • Other costs: Insurance for the planting events. Packing, wrapping and labelling of trees. Office and administration.

Tree Planting Notes:

  • We plant native Irish trees grown in Ireland. The most common species we plant are downy birch, common alder, oak (sessile & pedunculate), Scots pine, hazel, rowan, crab apple, hawthorn & blackthorn.

  • Trees funded by donations are planted at appropriate sites as small woodlands, shelter belts, coppices, hedges, wood-pasture, orchards and agroforestry projects.

  • Trees are planted on farms and smallholdings, at community sites, in schools and colleges, with local councils, at golf courses and sports clubs and with other landowners who look after and manage the trees as they grow.

  • We don't guarantee that every tree will live to old age (though many will). We work to establish continuous tree cover that will be managed as a sustainable resource for many generations. Selected trees may be thinned, coppiced or felled in future years, some trees will blow down in storms, others may be attacked by pests and diseases. Trees drop seed and/or put up new growth from the roots; continuous cover management allows constant regeneration and permanent tree cover in the landscape.

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