Each season we buy and distribute large numbers of native trees to hundreds of landowners.  We buy forestry trees, fruit trees, shrubs and hedging from a number of nurseries. 

We aim to build close and practical relationships with our suppliers and to support the Irish nursery industry in buying quality Irish grown trees.

We are currently sourcing trees for the 2019/20 planting season.  If you have a supply of trees please email with details as outlined below. 

Forestry whips, hedging & understorey species:

  • We buy native Irish-grown trees of certified Irish seed provenance for our woodland, hedging, coppice, agroforestry and reforestation projects.

  • We work with young forestry whips as their size enables easy handling and planting along with excellent establishment rates.

  • Common Species: Downy Birch, Common Alder, Oak (sessile & pedunculate), Scots Pine, Hazel, Rowan, Crab Apple, Hawthorn & Blackthorn.

Fruit and nut trees: 

  • We buy Irish grown fruit and nut trees including traditional and heritage varieties as well as more modern varieties.

  • We occasionally buy fruit and nut trees and other trees that have been imported from the UK or Europe, usually for agroforestry and orchard projects.

Rarer species:

  • We are always looking for supplies of the following rarer species. If you have a supply of any of these, however small, do let us know.

  • Please note that trees must be Irish grown and of certified Irish seed provenance.

  • Alder buckthorn - Frangula alnus

  • Aspen - Populus tremula

  • Silver birch - Betula pendula

  • Black poplar - Populus nigra

  • Buckthorn - Rhamnus catharticus

  • Bird cherry - Prunus padus

  • Wild cherry - Prunus avium

  • Elder - Sambucus nigra

  • Guelder rose - Viburnum opulus

  • Holly - Ilex aquifolium

  • Juniper - Juniperus communis

  • Spindle - Euonymus europaeus

  • Strawberry tree - Arbutus unedo

  • Whitebeam - Sorbus aria

  • Whitebeam - Irish - Sorbus hibernica

  • Wych elm - Ulmus glabra

  • Yew - Taxus baccata

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Name and address of nursery.

  • Name, telephone number and email address for point of contact.

  • A list of the species you have available.

  • The provenance of each species and where it has been grown.

  • The sizes / ages of the trees.

  • The approximate number of each species available for the 2019/20 planting season.

  • The prices of the trees.

  • Details of delivery e.g. per pallet or per 1,000 trees or if trees are priced delivered.

  • Send to Imogen Rabone: imogen[at]