One Million Trees in One Day

The One Million Trees in One Day project started out in early 2011 with a small team mad enough to give it a go. In 2013 we ran a pilot planting project and each spring after that we had a crack at the target

The project evolved quickly into a seasonal fixture on farms and in communities across the island, but by 2017 we were still falling short of a million trees and the name had became rather a mouthful to explain. We decided a new working title - Trees on the Land - might better describe the project. 

Trees on the Land keeps much the same structure as One Million Trees in One Day with an annual planting day running schemes for farms, communities, schools and colleges. Each season we aim to improve and innovate and to continue to support a wide variety of planting projects across the 32 counties.

We have not given up on our targets; the One Million Trees in One Day concept is taking some fallow years while we continue to run the seasonal planting days with Trees on the Land. We’ve planted over a million trees (in many days) since 2013 and the team is now busy working on the next million.