Trees on the Land is funded by a combination of donations from the general public, contributions from landowners and sponsorship from local businesses.  The initiative is run by a small team of professionals and a large network of volunteers who work to co-ordinate the planting projects each season.

As we do not own or formally lease the land we plant on, we are not eligible for most large public and private funding schemes. 

Republic of Ireland:  Our planting projects are funded by donations, business sponsorship and contributions from landowners.  We occasionally avail of Forest Service grant aid for larger planting sites.

Northern Ireland:  We have gained steady funding support in Northern Ireland through the Woodland Trust in Northern Ireland and from other generous groups who are able to help us. Donations, sponsorship and contributions from landowners make up the rest of our Northern Ireland funding.  We occasionally avail of Forest Service grant aid for larger planting sites.

Cross Border Funding:  We do not receive any sort of cross border funding or support - we note this because it is often assumed that we do!

Landowner Contributions:  With growing uncertainty around future funding for agriculture and forestry, particularly with the UK leaving the European Union, we felt the project would benefit from a more self-sufficient funding model.  Last season 2016-17 we introduced landowner application fees to our planting schemes and these will stay in place for the coming 2017/18 season.

We aim to deliver a strong, practical project which can run consistent annual schemes for farmers and other landowners to access quality trees for their land.

The application fees of €21.00 per tree pack contribute to the following costs:

  • Core running costs:  Office, administration and insurance costs.
  • Project costs:  Purchase of trees.  Delivery and distribution of trees.  Packing and labelling of trees. 

If you would like to help the project by making a donation please click HERE.