Tree Packs for 2018


If you would like to plant trees on your land please read the notes on this page carefully for details on how the project works.  Applications for trees can be made by following the instructions at the bottom of the page.

  • Applications for tree packs are open to farmers, smallholders, councils, community groups, schools, colleges and other landowners.  
  • Tree planting will be on Saturday 10th February 2018.  Applications for trees close at midnight on Friday 5th January 2018.
  • All trees are native species grown in Ireland from certified Irish provenance seed.  Trees are bare-rooted and between 10cm and 1 metre tall depending on species.
  • Each pack contains 50 trees of an appropriate mix of species with smaller packs of 15 and 30 trees available. 
  • Applicants can order up to a maximum of 40 packs of 50 trees (2,000 trees).
  • Application fees of €21/£19 apply to every pack of trees ordered.  Fees of €30/£28 and upwards apply to apple tree packs. For more information on application fees click HERE.


Woodland Packs


  • To include oak, birch, hazel, scots pine, alder, rowan and crab apple.
  • Suitable for establishing woodland, shelter belts and other tree cover.
  • One pack of 50 trees will cover approximately 1/20th of an acre with trees set at 2 metre intervals in rows 2 metres apart.  Ten packs will cover approximately 1/2 an acre of ground.


Hedge packs


  • To include hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel, oak, crab apple and rowan.
  • One pack of 50 trees will set 10 metres of hedgerow with 5 plants per metre in a staggered row.  

Coppice Packs

  • To include a mix of oak, alder, birch, hazel and rowan.
  • One pack of 50 trees will cover approximately 1/20th of an acre of ground with trees set at 2 metre intervals in rows 2 metres apart. 
  • Ten packs will cover approximately 1/2 an acre of ground.  


Agroforestry Packs


  • For farmers, smallholders and larger landowners.
  • To include an appropriate mix of oak, alder, birch, hazel, crab apple, rowan, hawthorn, blackthorn and scots pine.
  • Applicants may specify which trees they require. 
  • Trees should be planted at no more than 100 stems per hectare to provide less than 10% canopy cover at maturity. 

Apple Trees 

  • Packs of two, five and ten apple trees are available to order. 
  • All apple trees have been grafted/grown in Ireland from Irish trees and are of traditional and heritage varieties. 
  • Apple tree orders are limited to one pack per order.
  • Trees are one and two year old maiden trees. 
  • Packs of five and ten trees will include one and two native crab apple trees respectively to support pollination.
  • Root-stocks available are mostly MM106 - a good all round semi-dwarfing tree which will reach 10-13ft tall. 

For more detail about spacing your trees, planting, weeding and basic management click here.

How the project works:

  • Tree packs can be ordered online by following the instructions below. 
  • All applicants are kept up to date with project news and information by email.
  • The week before the planting event, applicants collect their trees from local distribution points.  Distribution points should be within a half hours travel for all applicants. Details, locations and times for collections will be given out by email in January 2018. 
  • Trees are planted on the day by applicants with help from friends, family and others as appropriate to the planting project.
  • Photographs of the trees and planting teams are taken by applicants and sent to us to confirm planting.
  • We stay in touch to monitor the trees until they are fully established at about 5 years depending on the species.