Business Sponsorship


Plant trees at your desk...

If you would like to support our tree planting work in Ireland and Northern Ireland, please make a business donation by clicking on the button below. 

We aim to keep our sponsored tree planting projects very simple and we encourage businesses to be creative with the purpose of their donation.  For example - plant a tree for every employee, for every vehicle the company owns or for every completed sale.

When making a donation you can choose which county or counties your trees go to be planted.  You'll also receive a certificate of planting and will be listed on our map of the trees as a local sponsor. 

€1 / £1 covers the cost of planting at least one tree.

Make Business Donation

If you would like to sponsor a large number of trees please contact us directly to discuss tree numbers and costs, PR and media and staff tree planting opportunities.  Please email to imogen[at]