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Please briefly describe the conditions at the site. E.g. Very wet or exposed ground, poor soil or other notable site conditions, whether it is pasture, tillage, garden, park, playing fields etc.
If you are ordering apple tree packs, please say if you'd like eaters, cookers, or a mix and note any particular varieties you'd like. We have small numbers of pear, plum, damson and greengage trees available. If you would like to swap one or two of your apples for other fruit trees, please say what you would like here and we will do our best to source them. Please note that if supplies of other fruit trees run low you will be sent apple trees instead.
Please include any other details or special requirements. For example if you wish to exclude any species from your packs or if you need a particular mix of species.
Collection Points
If you would like to help the project by volunteering to host a distribution point for others to collect their trees from you, please tick the box.
Sponsored Trees
If you would like to accomodate trees funded by sponsors and donors in future, please tick the box. Further conditions and guidelines will apply. Ticking the box will not affect your current order. We will contact you if we have suitable sponsors/donors for your tree planting.
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