Collection Points


If you'd like to offer to host a collection point, help with a local collection point or with local distribution, please read the notes below and fill out our collections form. 

Trees on the Land distributes trees each season to a number of local collection points across Ireland and Northern Ireland from which landowners and organisations collect their trees. 

The collection points are the glue that holds the project together, run by a mix of professionals and large numbers of volunteers, trees are delivered and sorted and landowners are welcomed and given their trees to take away and plant. 

Collections are run from farms, community centres, garden sheds, fuel stations, livestock markets, allotments and all sorts of other places.  We aim to have a collection within half an hours travel for all landowners. 

If you would like to offer to host a collection point location, to help with a local collection or offer distribution support please read on.

  • Collection points need space to lock up and store trees for a number of days.  2,000 trees will fit safely in a garden shed, larger numbers need larger storage such as a secure garage, barn or workshop.  
  • Hosts need to be prepared to receive deliveries of trees during the fortnight before the planting day and to sort and label trees when they arrive. 
  • Collections need to have access for a delivery van and in some cases a lorry to deliver trees.
  • Collections need to be able to receive landowners from Wednesday 7th February to Saturday 10th February 2018 at times arranged to be convenient to the hosts.
  • Collections need to have space for landowners arriving to park up safely and load their trees. 
  • Hosts need to be prepared for a good few phone calls, possible adjustments to delivery times and the odd late collection. 
  • We send out detailed lists of trees to all collections which need to be printed and signed by landowners collecting trees - we keep these very straightforward to access and print but ask hosts to be armed with a stapler and a clipboard to keep track of everything. 
  • Not all collection locations offered are taken up as they depend on the numbers and locations of landowners and other collections in a particular area.
  • All offers of help with collections are gratefully received!  
Collection Point Form 2018
I would like to offer:
Collection Size:
Let us know approximately how many trees you can manage to store.
Please let us know what you can or can't do to help. Each collection is different and is planned individually with the host and other volunteers.
Tree Planting:
Please tick the box below if you are also taking part in the tree planting as a landowner or community group.
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