Tree Planting Guidelines 2020. 

You will need to agree to follow the guidelines written below when you make your application.  Please read them carefully as they outline important details for safe and appropriate tree planting. 

An additional guide to planning and planting your trees is at the bottom of the page, please read through this guide before starting your application. 

You need to agree to the following:

  • To take part in the Trees on the Land project entirely at your own risk.

  • To ensure permission for planting has been given by the landowner.

  • To collect your trees at the appointed time and day from your local distribution point

  • To accommodate the trees for the long term as part of the Trees on the Land project.

  • To plant the trees with appropriate help from family, friends and others to ensure the trees are planted properly on the day.

  • To protect the trees as needed from wild and domestic browsing animals and other damage with appropriate fencing or tree guards.

  • Not to plant on land falling within an SAC, SPA, SSSI or NHA.

  • Not to plant on unenclosed land, bog, moorland, heathland, unimproved pasture, land that has never been ploughed or areas with protected species.

  • For advice on this please email to

  • To observe the following set back distances when planting trees. In towns and cities it may be reasonable to relax these set back distances if planting small trees, garden trees, hedges, or working in confined spaces. Keep in mind that trees can be pruned regularly to keep them at an appropriate size and shape.

  • To keep back 5 metres from power lines and phone cables and not to plant directly beneath them.

  • To avoid planting within 20 metres of inhabited buildings.

  • To leave a buffer of 20 meters along ponds and rivers. Trees can be planted within this area as long as there is an even balance of light and shade.

  • To keep back 5 metres from small roads and tracks and 10 meters from main roads.

  • To keep back 2 - 10 metres from fence lines, walls and other boundaries.

  • To keep back 3-5 metres from hedges and ditches. If you are restocking or extending an existing hedge, this does not apply.

  • To provide photographs and progress reports for the planted trees and to maintain correspondence with the project during the first five years of establishment.

  • To notify the project if 20% or more of trees fail to establish.

A short guide to planning and carrying out your tree planting is available to read below.  It contains important notes for all applicants with details on how the tree collections work, marking out your plots, spacings, planting, weeding, planting fruit trees, agroforestry and other notes.

We recommend that you read these notes before continuing with an application to help you plan and order your trees correctly.

Click here to read the notes.